Balance | Gratitude | Faith | Service

When you put life in perspective you begin to appreciate that your purpose will feed you in every way.

From my earliest beginnings in life in my native Trinidad and Tobago to this very moment that you are reading this, I’ve come to appreciate the blessings in the downs as much as the ups. The full awareness of the complexity of life has grounded me and helps me live with purpose, and stay connected.

I oftentimes think about the paths I traveled and the choices God gave me. In these reflections, I am grateful in the growth that has come from listening and following my path and purpose. At this stage, it is satisfying to see where I have arrived.

Business and Love

I can proudly claim to have been one of the few women-lead companies to have been partnered with the US government and private sector clients for over two decades, starting at age 29 when I started Secured Communications with my husband.

It was the only black woman owned Tier-1 Engineering Furnishing and Installation (EFI) vendor for Verizon in the Mid-Atlantic providing telecommunications and power infrastructure.

Since then, I have managed dozens of employees and lead several multi-million dollar high impact infrastructure projects in various technology sectors, and more recently, emergency management.

Currently, I am Co Founder and Senior Vice President of Dynamic Service Solutions an Engineering, a Project Management and Emergency Management firm.

I am responsible for the oversight and management of highly visible and critical social impact programs utilizing my many years of in Program and Emergency Management and Shelter Operations experience.

In fact, my company has provided engineering, and staffing services to support critical operations and support innovative technology for over 170 US agencies and offices and counting.

Service and Outreach

I am grateful that my esteemed alma mater, Howard University, (where I met my husband) supported the “Each one, Teach one” principle that my own Trini immigrant mother ingrained in me and my siblings.

As such, I feel called to support and empower other women who are thriving and striving to be successful in business, work, life and relationships.

Each day, we all strive to become a better person than the person we were the day before.

For my part, I use the power of our new digital world which connects us, dismantles borders and enables us to inspire, commiserate with, inform, educate and grow with each other and learn form one another.

Therefore, you can find me online, in social media, sharing what I have learned in business and life with the hopes that my path may inspire, encourage and help others. I also share my passion projects, ministries and travels in that same regard.

Mom and Advocate

I am a mom of four and I regularly freely allocate my abundant resources generously to support women to advance their business ventures interests with work-life balance.

I am dedicated to social justice and support organizations which advance this cause. I serve the marginalized in my community and am an active member of the Nova Kairos Prison Ministry.

In my downtime, I am an avid reader and writer. My passions include yoga, hiking, decorating and entertaining with family and friends.