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Empty Nesting: Reprioritizing Life After Your Kids Leave Home

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When our kids leave the nest, it can be a time of both joy and sadness.

On one hand, we are happy to see them fly off on their own adventures. But on the other hand, we suddenly realize that our lives have changed dramatically and we need to reprioritize what’s important to us now.

For many empty nesters, this means aging gracefully and embarking on a new stage of life. Whether you’re retired or just taking a break from work, there’s no need to feel bored or lonely.

There are plenty of things to do now that you have more free time. For example, you can travel, take up a new hobby, or spend more time with your spouse or partner.

It’s quite true that empty nesters often find that they have more time and energy for their relationship now that the kids are gone.

My husband and I have already prioritized dating in our relationship as we nurture the last bird to leave the nest who is graduating high school this year and is off to college in the fall.

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We also have been travelling more due to our work and our company but making time to jet off on couples trips and be more intentional about staying an extra day or two to relax, take in the sights and enjoy one another’s company.

It can be a bit of an adjustment at first, but soon you’ll find that empty nesting is a time to enjoy your new found freedom. 

So go out there and make the most of it!

This is the life!

If you’re not sure where to start, talk to your friends or family members who are already empty nesters. They can give you some great ideas on how to make the most of this new phase of life.

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