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A little missive about Growth; May We All Experience It

Graphic on blog about A little missive about Growth; May We All Experience It

One thing I’ve learned about growth is that it’s a process.

As your seed is planted, you water it with hard work and dedication in anticipation of blossoming and the process is littered with an array of circumstances: Pests, storms, weeds and pruning and when growing anything, love and care are imperative to the process.

Pests seek to feed off your progress.

They come into your sacred space only to benefit from your growth. They feed off your growth, take what they need and in the process hurt you, sometimes unintentionally. You must be able to control the pests without killing them. Build resistance against them and forge forward. Pests will make you believe that you cannot grow. You don’t deserve to grow and will attempt to infect you with negativity and doubt.

Your strength will be tested by your tenacity to grow in spite of these pests and though you may not be able to stop them, you can mitigate the onslaught of infection by building an immunity to fight them. Believing in yourself and the process, meditation, prayer and other self-care practices to reinforce your confidence and focus are ways to vaccinate against pests.

Like pests, you cannot stop storms from coming through.

Graphic on blog about A little missive about Growth; May We All Experience It

Storms facilitate growth.

Accepting and experiencing them prepare you to enjoy the blooms that will emerge afterwards and during the storm, you will be tossed around, beaten up, bent, and even have some parts the weak parts break off that need to be removed so that your genius can flourish.

When the storm passes, the very essence of who you are will remain rooted, steadfast, consistent and strong and you cannot withstand the storm without self-care, love and acceptance. These elements protect and fortify you.

An integral part of protection and selfcare during the growth process is weeding.

Weeds will choke you and stifle your growth. People and things that prevent you from growing must be removed. You need space and light for your creative branches to develop and bloom. Fertilizing your life with persons who feed your potential, bring you to light and encourage growth is imperative. Surround yourself with people (truth-tellers) who will help you clip and prune habits that stagnate your growth.

Graphic on blog about A little missive about Growth; May We All Experience It

Removing bad habits and unproductive thoughts through pruning allows the energy to be rerouted to your core purpose to maximize your potential and growth.

Authentic friends who love you and want to see you blossom and they will prove helpful during this process.

Dig deep. Stay rooted. Pursue your passion. Do what you love. The growth process will make you uncomfortable and you will have unpleasant experiences. The lessons you learn will prove to be very fruitful. Forge ahead. Don’t give up.

Include Selfcare Practice in your daily routine.


Your blossoms will emerge.

Be determined, be strong, be steadfast and embrace your journey.