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I want you to win, so let’s connect and grow.

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I’m stepping up and out.

After several years on the grind, diligently serving clients, raising my family and nurturing friendships, personal and business relationships, I decided to return to get back into these social media avenues and connect with more people in my extended community and globally.

Since I decided to be more present, vocal and active in social media, I have also had an opportunity to meet some amazing women in business, make some wonderful contacts and engage and reach other small business owners like myself.

I get inspired by others and I sincerely find joy whenever I am told by my peers that they were equally moved by some of the wisdom and business and work-life balance insight I share on Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Facebook and this blog.

I am moved and complete in knowing that my intentional outreach has been helpful to their lives.

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Recently, my Instagram account got hacked. It was a reminder of how fragile these connections can be.

I have since launched a new account. Nonetheless, I plan to use this website more robustly to connect and grow more meaningful relationships.

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